Weekly Book Club 013 (Exclusive) - Born a Crime

One book per week:)

(The English version follows)

Trevor Noah 是知名的脱口秀演员和主持人。他出身在南非,然后靠着自己的努力,实现了美国梦。Born a Crime 是他的自传,与他的脱口秀一样,他用非常诙谐的手法来讲述自己所经历的苦难和奋斗。同时这本书也提供了一份观察南非隔离史的记录。无论你喜不喜欢 Trevor,这本书都值得一读。


My mom didn’t want my mind polluted by movies with sex and violence. So the Bible was my action movie. Samson was my superhero.

Because a mixed person embodies that reb…

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