Weekly Book Club 008 (Exclusive) - Talking to Crazy

One book per week:)

(The English version follows)

在生活中,我们可能会遇见不可理喻的人,但还是要和他们沟通,这时候,通常的沟通方式就不一定凑效。所以本周推荐的是 Talking to Crazy。与著名的 Nonviolent Communication 一书相比,这本书更加关注处理沟通中的极端情况,可以看作是 NVC 的进阶读物。

To reach irrational people, you need to know why they’re irrational.

But if you counterintuitively push your hand deeper into the dog’s mouth, the dog will release it.

Albert Einstein on…

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