Daily Productive Sharing 206 - How to Manage Time Like An Editor-in-Chief

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The Information 可能是目前最好的科技类调查新闻机构,自诞生以来,时不时地能爆出科技界的猛料。作为主编的 Jessica Lessin 自有管理时间的妙招。她坦言,时不时地去室外转转能帮助自己找到写作灵感,而安排好周期性的会议之后,也让她可以更好地利用剩下的时间。




I'm Jessica Lessin, Editor-in-Chief of The Information, and This Is How I Work

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The Information is probably the best tech investigative journalism organization out there, and has been breaking tech news from time to time since its birth. As editor-in-chief, Jessica Lessin has her own way of managing her time. She admits that getting outside from time to time helps her find inspiration to write, and that scheduling recurring meetings allows her to make better use of the time she has left.

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I'm Jessica Lessin, Editor-in-Chief of The Information, and This Is How I Work

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Ironically, since we’re all writers, we had more of a meeting/discussion culture than a document/notes/memo culture.

Being outdoors helps so much. I write my best columns, come up with my best ideas and feel at my best when I step away from my desk—even for a few minutes.

Right now I’m aiming for a mix of recurring meetings that resemble a routine, and then a lot of unstructured work time.

Most importantly, we’re going to try things out, see how they go, and revise.

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