Daily Productive Sharing 187 - How to Remember What You Read?

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读了就忘,怎么办?David Perell 建议边阅读边做笔记,这样可以减轻读了就忘的问题。至于怎么记,他建议不要写得太详细,要和你已有的知识进行关联。


当然你也可以尝试 Readwise,一键导入之后,它会每天推送一些高亮给你,帮助你回顾;同时它也可以导出成 Anki 卡片,让你使用 Anki 来复习。



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Write While You Read

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Do you often find that you forget what u read? David Perell suggests taking notes as you read to alleviate the problem of reading and forgetting. As for how to remember, he advises not to write in too much detail, but to make connections to what you already know.

I actually face the same problem, so the weekly Saturday reading summary is part of the re-organisation. When I read a book, I simply do the highlighting, and I may highlight hundreds of items in a book, but in retrospect, I remember only very few of them. So the weekly Saturday reading summary has prompted me to go back and sort through those highlights, re-read them and group them by topic.

Of course you can also try Readwise which, after a one-click import, will push some of the highlights to you each day to help you review them, and it can export as Anki cards for you to review.

How do you remember what you've read? Feel free to share with us :)

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Write While You Read

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Make your reading more productive by taking notes while you read.

Descartes once said: “The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries.”

But most of those ideas disappear if you don’t capture them in the moment, while the idea is still fresh.

Your notes should be lightweight enough to write them consistently, but evergreen enough to stay relevant.

Too many readers end up with a long list of highlights they never actually return to.

Write about why each idea resonated with you and how it relates to what you’re working on.