Daily Productive Sharing 172 - Another Bookshelf Recommendation

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a16z 的 Marc Andreessen Daily Productive Sharing 054 - 20201031
Stripe 的 Patrick Collison Daily Productive Sharing 060 - 20201107

今天的分享来自一家德国的初创企业 Mergeflow 的书架,这是一家专注于发现新技术的公司。它们的书架上有不少好书,包括我们之前推荐过的 Why We Sleep Weekly Book Club 018 - 20210213Range Weekly Book Club 010 - 20201219




# The Mergeflow bookshelf

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In our previous shares, several issues featured companies/individuals with bookshelves, such as

Marc Andreessen of a16z Daily Productive Sharing 054 - 20201031
Patrick Collison of Stripe Daily Productive Sharing 060 - 20201107

Today's share comes from the bookshelf of Mergeflow, a German startup that focuses on discovering new technologies. They have some great books on their shelves, including our previous recommendations Why We Sleep Weekly Book Club 018 - 20210213Range Weekly Book Club 010 - 20201219.

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# The Mergeflow bookshelf

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