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在昨天的分享中 Daily Productive Sharing 123 - 20210203,我们再次提到了坚持的重要性,无独有偶,今天的分享也强调了这一点。Widgetsmith 可能是 iOS14 发布之后最火的 app,累计下载量已经超过五千万。而在此之前的十二年里,Widgetsmith 的开发者 David Smith 已经写了59个 app,除了 Pedometer++,大多数都不会为人所知。如此看来,David 可能不算是一个成功的开发者,而他却说,正是因为这些失败,让他在这一次一夜爆发。比如,之前的这么多经历让他熟悉 app store 的审核流程,确保 Widgetsmith 能够在 iOS14 发布的当天就上线。



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With More Than 50 Million Downloads, Widgetsmith Became an Overnight Success 12 Years in the Making

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In yesterday's share Daily Productive Sharing 123 - 20210203, we again mentioned the importance of persistence, and it's no coincidence that today's share also emphasizes this point. Widgetsmith has been one of the most successful app since the release of iOS14, and it has been downloaded more than 50 million times. In the twelve years prior to that, its developer David Smith had written 59 apps, most of which, with the exception of Pedometer++, are not well known. So it seems that David may not be a successful developer, but he says that it was these failures that made him succeed overnight in this one. For example, so many previous experiences allowed him to familiarize himself with the app store's review process and ensure that Widgetsmith would go live the same day iOS14 was released.

Put another way, we can treat failures as negative feedback and treat the whole project as a system, so that we can keep optimizing the whole system through failures. And failures over time can actually promote us to keep optimizing the system, and one day, we can experience the power of this compound interest.


Weekly Book Club 006 - 20201121

Daily Productive Sharing 011 - 20200912

Daily Productive Sharing 033 - 20201007

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With More Than 50 Million Downloads, Widgetsmith Became an Overnight Success 12 Years in the Making

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It even allowed you to add timed widgets, which change throughout the day based on what information you want to display.

Make no mistake, however, the story of Widgetsmith didn't happen overnight.

That still seems like a remarkably short amount of time to build something new, but the path of success for Widgetsmith really started long before that.

Smith has been developing apps since the App Store launched to third-party developers in 2008. That's more than 12 years.

Over that time, he says he's created 59 apps, most of which you've never heard of.

In fact, Smith told me that Widgetsmith had more downloads in a single day than Pedometer++ has had in the entire time since it launched in 2013.

Instead, it's almost always the result of lots of hard work, usually over the course of weeks and months and years. It's just that you never see anything that comes before the "success" part.

Often, the simplest form of success is what happens when a stroke of good fortune meets years of hard work and preparation.