Daily Productive Sharing 042 - 户外巨头的发家史

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(The English version follows)

今天推荐的是 Yvon Chouinard 所著的 Let My People Go Surfing。作为 Patagonia 创始人的 Yvon 在这本书里介绍了这家户外装备巨头的成长史和企业哲学。如果你也对这一倡导可持续发展的品牌感兴趣的话,这本书绝对不容错过。

当然了,这本书里也充满了不少八卦,比如 Patagonia 发家的时候,是做攀登装备的,以 Yvon 的姓命名,而 Patagonia 只是他们的户外服装副线。后来 Chouinard 因为各种官司赔了很多钱,只好给当时的员工。剥离出去的 Chouinard 搬到了盐湖城,改名叫 Black Diamond,没错,就是现在的另一家户外装备巨头。怪不得两家的产品有点相似的设计感。

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Today's book recommendation is [Let My People Go Surfing] by Yvon Chouinard (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22155.Let_My_People_Go_Surfing). In this book, Yvon, the founder of Patagonia, describes the outdoor gear giant's history and philosophy. If you're interested in such a brand that promotes sustainability, this book is a must-read.

Of course, the book is also full of gossips: Patagonia started out as a climbing gear company, named after Chouinard, and Patagonia was just their outdoor apparel sideline. Chouinard later lost a lot of money in lawsuits and had to give it to the employees at the time. The spinoff Chouinard moved to Salt Lake City and was renamed Black Diamond, yes, another outdoor gear giant today. No wonder the two have somewhat similar design sensibilities.

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